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Want To Be A Member Of Our Board?

This Position Is Voluntary

About the company:

MakedaMakes is a bespoke, black-led arts organisation that provides a variety of services for vulnerable, creative young people to give them a voice and opportunities they otherwise may not have. The company provides project consultancy, project management and arts awards qualifications. Projects by MM have been funded by Arts Council England, Big Lottery Fund, Westfield Future For London, PRS and more.

The Role:

We are looking for new trustee’s to join our board and give knowledge and input to the delivery of MM’s projects and services.The board of trustees will determine the utilisation of the assets available to our non-profit organisation and are obligated to act in accordance with the best interest of the company. As a trustee, your responsibilities will include:

· Leading discussions

· Identifying complications and contributing to potential solutions

· Guidance on the actions and achievements of the organisation, for instance asserting what activities will best enhance the company’s success and how it will implement aid and enjoyment to everybody involved, it is down to the trustees only to deliberate the best possibilities for the organisation.

· Trustees should not act with the purpose of their own interests such as receiving any unauthorised benefit from the company; their loyalties should lie with the organisation and how they can contribute to its growth

· Financial decisions of how the budget will be managed

· Meetings will take place 4 times annually, and you will be required to attend away days and some MM events

Essential skills:

· Decision Making

· Teamwork

· Leadership

· Communication Skills

· Problem Solving

When there is a meeting for the board, active and equal participation is expected of all trustees involved. Additionally, if there is a conflict of interest within the organisation, a meeting will be held to resolve any conflict and the board will come to a unanimous decision.

We are specifically looking for board members who have specific knowledge and experience in the following areas.

Music and Events

Finance and Legal

Marketing and Promotions


If you are interested in becoming a part of our board, please send your expression of interest and CV to by 1st April 2022 6pm

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