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A couple of  weeks ago I went to an escape room in London Bridge, and it was very interesting to say the least! It was based on a Chinese luxury vase that was stolen in 1675, and your character has now transported to 2022 to retrieve it back so you are not executed by the emperor for not guarding it properly. At first there was a physical challenge, which we had to get through to open the door to the room, that was already hard enough before going through to a bigger room. We than had a series of challenges all related to our storyline so it all felt very tied together. The room was all themed around Chinese culture, with challenges related to Chinese letters, symbols, and puzzles.  It was almost impossible to even know what we had to do but we slowly figured things out. In the last 20 minutes we still had so much to do, so we pretty much were ready to lose at that point. We still had to open a few doors containing things, unlock one more padlock, and find the code for the safe.  But we used a few hints and managed to pull it through in the last 10 minutes and we made it right at the last minute. We then took some photos to celebrate our win. The storyline was very interesting as it had a clear theme and the threat of your character being executed added a lot of pressure.  The puzzles were very engaging all relating to the theme and very challenging, and I would definitely do it again. 

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