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Bob Marley Show

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to watch Bob Marley in the Lyric theatre. This was a gift from my mum for my birthday. Growing up in a Rastafarian household, Bob Marley and his music is something I was very familiar with and to be honest before going to see this show I was uncertain as to whether a bunch of actors telling his story would be impactful enough . To be honest I expected it to be cheesy, gimmicky and an untrue representation of his character, life or message. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The actors told the story of his life and music perfectly, from humorous moments of his rise to fame and charming character, to his controversial and political standpoints. His songs were performed at certain moments in his life that made sense in a way I did not understand before. The main character was passionate, charismatic and really embodied the spirit of Bob. After the show I went home and watched his documentary, played his music for 2-3working days and rebooked tickets to go again with my partner. 

Highly recommend! 

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