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Celebrating British Music - Written by Kharise Williams

Our UK Ballad Queen: Adele

Not One award honey, but three! What a return to the music scene. Adele came through with tracks that express true emotion, beautiful piano accompanied songs which have touched hearts worldwide. At the award show Adele sat elegantly on a grand piano in a gorgeous shimmery gold dress and delivered her powerhouse vocals effortlessly. We couldn’t keep our eyes off her; Adele a woman of simplicity yet a showstopper. We Salute and thank you for coming back and giving us all your truth through music.

The UK Best Female Rapper: Little Simz

“BIG SIMZ” more like, getting all the flowers she deserves. After the release of the album “Sometimes I Might Be A Introvert” Simz has come to collect the whole garden. With a Mesmerizing and inspiring production Simz really did say without words “point and kill, if I want it it’s mine” and we are here for it; Simz gave us a physical theatre styled musical show, with dancers like Joss Klass the show was bound to be epic. Lastly, the winning speech I’m sure had many in tears when our superstar Simz brought up her mother; that is the gratitude & humility we love to see in our British artists. Simz it is only the beginning, we STAND PROUD!

Not Just a rapper, a Rock Star: SantanDave

Dave, Santan, David… Has he out done himself, his second time at the Brits; not only did he come out playing the piano, Dave rocked the electric guitar and brought out three of the UK’s favourite Rappers, Fredo, Meeks, Giggs, Ghetts, and a whole gospel choir. Dave is a true artist, his vision and musicality is beyond simply being a rapper, this is what we call a musician, a man of many creative talents. With a fire lit set, we must say, Dave you really did light up the stage. The question is, what element or instrument will you perform with next… Dave thank you for your hard work and motivation: you’re showing all the young black men that there is always a way, and we are so proud of your work & deserved wins.

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