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Louis experience with RADA business

I took part in 2 workshops last week with RADA Business, learning loads of different types of techniques to stay relaxed when under pressure. We started on the first day with everyone introducing themselves. Then we played a warm-up game, which was one thing that people in this room do not know about you. It was very fascinating learning new things from my group. After that, we learned about different breathing techniques and how to keep your heart pressure down. At the end of the session, we got into groups and spoke about what we love in front and got given pointers by the mentors on how to improve public speaking. On the second day we went through all the techniques again to refresh our minds then at the end of the session we had to stand up and speak in front of everyone and the question was "why me” I feel like it went really well and would highly recommend it, it really helped with my confidence! Check them out

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