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CAN'T STOP ME TOUR- Danielle's take.

Can’t stop mi tour was amazing! The show was at The millfields theatre which is situated in north London. Drinks and food available before the show started. Obviously I had a few Hennesseys and cokes! The atmosphere was unreal. A opening set from @realdjbradshaw an up and coming DJ who works with uk Zess and only 17! He started off the vibes, with some old skool songs and had the whole place dancing, swaying and singing. Christopher savage started the show, he had me in absolute Stitches. Christopher engaged the crowd by picking 3 people to go on stage for a dance competition, one of them being my friend! You could only Imagine how gassed and surprised we all was. There was 2 prizes up for grabs and my friend was the winner! (Standard) He then welcomed out an up and coming comedian kyrah gray. She was so funny! Currently has over 6000 followers on Instagram. Jokes about many things in which every female can relate too! Shes only st

arting to hit the limelight but she is going to BLOW! Keep your eyes peeled for her! There was a quick interval (about 15 minutes) enough time for toilet break and another few drinks! Then came the highlight of the show White yardie, He had this tour planned before lockdown happened, so was overly excited to finally perform. I haven’t laughed like that for a long time. He honestly doesn’t sugar coat what he says, that’s the whole reason why I love his comedy. He really knows how to put on a good show. Really enjoyed myself. Until next time! Guys and gals you was amazing! Watch these up and coming comedians and DJ in the future.


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